Tyler Animal control


Lost a pet in the City of Tyler?

 Look for your pet on our Facebook page: Click Here 

 If your animal has been picked up you may contact the Tyler Animal Shelter at (903) 535-0045. 

 To tag an animal for rescue or adoption, contact the Animal Shelter Manager at smarkmann@tylertexas.com or the Adoption Counselor at jpalmer@tylertexas.com


Agenda for Posting 09-26-19 (doc)


Animal Control Services

  • Animal Bite Investigation 
  • Response to stray dog concerns and impoundment of stray dogs 
  • Providing humane live traps to capture nuisance wildlife, cats, and dogs 
  • Investigation of Animal Welfare concerns 
  • Impoundment of unwanted dogs and cats 
  • Dead Animal removal from residences and roadways 
  • Investigation of Barking Dog concerns 
  • Enforcement of City Ordinances regarding livestock, fowl, and exotic animals 
  • Investigation and testing of suspected rabid animals

Mosquito Control Services

  • Investigation of Mosquito complaints in the City of Tyler 
  • Capture and testing of mosquitoes for viral identification 
  • Chemical treatment of mosquito larva and adults by licensed Public Health Pesticide Applicators 
  • Enforcement of City Ordinances regarding abatement of mosquito breeding areas

Hours of Operation

Tyler Animal Control officers are on duty Sunday through Saturday from 7  a.m. to 5 p.m.After hours, citizens should contact the Tyler Police  Department at (903) 531-1000 for Animal Control emergencies. Emergencies  include: 

  • Live or dead animals impeding traffic 
  • Injured animal (owner unknown or cannot be contacted) 
  • Animal threatening the safety of citizens (A police officer, by  City Ordinance Sec. 14-5 a 4, may humanely destroy an animal posing an  imminent danger to persons or property under circumstances of  emergency.)

Dead animals that are not impeding traffic are not emergencies. After  hour Animal Control nonemergency concerns can be left on our answering  machine at 903-535-0045.

City Ordinances

 City rules and regulations related to animals are found in Chapter 14,  of the City of Tyler Code of Ordinances. To access the code online,  click here: Code of Ordinances.  Use the folder system on the left side of the screen to navigate to  Chapter 14, or use the search form to find the section of code you are  interested in.  

Mailing address:

P.O. Box 2039, Tyler, TX, 75710  
(903) 531-1100